Walt Whitman and the People’s Press, Penn Today
Course developed with Sachs Arts grant, 2018 (co-teaching with Cathy Turner)

The People’s Press Photos

Writing on the City: Letterforms, Technology and Philadelphia Culture
Freshman Seminar, 2015

Visual Narrative
Introduction to the practice of storytelling with images (co-teaching 2016-2019 with Jamie Diamond)

Foundations for Art, Design + Digital Culture
Introductory studio that explores the ideas and methods artists and designers use to create meaning, structure their work and the digital tools they use

Graphic Design
Introduction to visual communication that places emphasis on the elements of graphic design and principles of visual organization for the purpose of communicating a message

Advanced studio that focuses on the process of ordering words and images in space and emphasizes the ways in which typographic relationships create meaning and support communication

Cultures of the Book
Seminar cross-listed with the English and History departments that studies the materiality of books through hands-on workshops including papermaking, printing, binding, and typography



Information Design and Visualization
Studio that explores the relationship between visual design and the field of information visualization, emphasizing structure, communication, and visual aesthetics (with many collaborators)

Advanced studio that provides real-world experience for students interested in collaborating with clients and designers (clients: Lea Public School, Food Trust, Penn Center for Innovation 2020, PCI Final Presentation 2020Rebel Ventures, and many more)

Senior Seminar
Fall semester exploration for development of senior thesis projects (co-taught with Jackie Tileston)

Undergraduate Independent Studies
Semester-long studio investigation to produce a focused body of work
MusicVis, Van Huynh
Reimagining You: Exploring Social Media Visualization, Ethan Shou
Type High, Robin McDowell

 University of the Arts

Typography Emphasis (Graphic Design department)

Professional Communication (Industrial Design department)

Advanced Design Methods (Industrial Design, Graduate Program)

History of Visual Communication (Liberal Arts department)

PennToday Articles